I have given numerous academic talks on historical pangolins, walruses and other strange beasts, and a range of other topics. Some of my other recent science presenting work has included:


  • Being a presenter for Forensic Outreach, designing and running events at ZSL London Zoo and UCL, 2017, on the illegal coral trade and on forensic archaeology.

  • Designing and giving a workshop on how we construct picture of extinct megafauna at the Big Bang Fair in 2017

  • Working as a Learning Volunteer at the Natural History Museum, London, following people around with cool skulls and enticing them into trying to guess what type of skull it was (apparently everything in the NHM is a T-Rex. Even a sheep's skull).

  • I am a presenter for Apricity London giving talks on all manner of biological curiosities

In January 2019, I spoke to Jenny Murray on BBC Women's Hour about unicorns, their history and how they have become important  symbols in society today. 

*Listen to the clip HERE*


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I had great fun giving a talk on monstrosity and what monsters mean at TEDX Warwick in 2016