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Feathers and Eggshells cover Natalie Lawrence

Planta Sapiens: Unmasking Plant Intelligence with Paco Calvo (Little Brown) will be out in August 2022


The Nature of the Beast: monstrous creatures and our imaginations for Orion will be out late 2022

My book about the birds of Hampstead Heath, Feathers and Eggshells, The Bird Journal of a Young London Girl, was published by Brambleby Books in 2005


Book Chapters:

  • Early biogeographies and symbolic use in Europe in the 16th-18th centuries’, in IUCN 's Pangolins: Science, Society and Conservation, Elsevier, 2020

  • 'Making Monsters in Early Modern Europe', Worlds of Natural History, Cambridge University Press, 2018

  • 'Early biogeographies and symbolic use in Europe in the 16th-18th centuries', in D.W.S. Challender, H. Nash, C. Waterman and C. R. Shepherd (eds.), Pangolins: Science, Society and Conservation, Elsevier, 2019


The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, PDR Press:

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BBC Wildlfe Pangolins Natalie Lawrence
BBC Wildlife Platypus Natalie Lawrence

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Book Reviews:

  • ‘Plumed wonders and ornithological passions (review of Drawn from Paradise: The Natural History, Art and Discovery of the Birds of Paradise, Attenborough & E. Fuller (2012); Ten Thousand Birds: 

  • Ornithology since Darwin, T. Birkhead, J. Wimpenny, B. Montgomerie (2014))’, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C (2014).

  • ‘Entrepreneurial knowledge-making: Review of Commercial Visions, Science, Trade and Visual Culture in the Dutch Golden Age, Dániel Margócsy, University of Chicago Press, 2014’, Endeavour(2015).

  • 'Enenkel, Karl A. and Smith, Paul J. (editors). Zoology in early modern culture: intersections of science, theology, philology, and political and religious education: volume 32', review, Archives of Natural History, (2016).