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I let my mind go through a strange transformation. It was as if I clambered through the limbs of the tree of life, passing each of our animal forbears - the primates, early mammals, bony fish, all of the invertebrates…back in evolutionary time to the ancient single-celled common ancestor of animals and plants nearly 1.5 billion years ago. I then began a mysterious ascent through an alien photosynthetic dynasty, all the way to the family of the plant I was watching

Using cutting-edge science, Planta Sapiens offers an imaginative leap into the inner world of plants, one which is so close and yet so alien. It points the way to expanding our understanding of our own minds and our place in the world.

Planta Sapiens



Unmasking Plant Intelligence

‘bold and brave paean to our planet's leafy, ligneous kingdom’

Jackie Higgins, author of Sentient



Michael Pollan, author of This is Your Mind on Plants, via Twitter

an absorbing exploration of the many ways that plants rise to the challenge of living 

Merlin Sheldrake, author of Entangled Life

bold and brave paean to our planet’s ligneous, leafy kingdom 

Jackie Higgins, author of Sentient, in The Telegraph

a genuinely mind-expanding book

P.D. Smith, The Guardian

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